Since 2005 I have been working in Fashion.

I used to have my own boutique store in the heart of Amsterdam. That’s where I’ve learned a lot about how to style women and what they want from their closets. I’ve served a wide customer base, varying from locals to tourists, to whom I sold -mainly French and Italian- international fashion brands.

In 2016, after 11 years, I decided to close my shop and travel.

I felt I could not learn new things anymore and I felt a little bit locked up in my life and in my shop.

Maybe you recognize this? That you feel that you do the same thing all the time without really enjoying it anymore?

I felt like that back in 2016 and I strongly felt the need to let go of what I was doing and to start exploring new things and new possibilities.

I closed my shop, sold my house, my furniture and nearly all of my clothes, bought a ticket to Jakarta, where a friend used to live, and from there I started my journey.

I taveled for 10 months through South East Asia and stayed for 6 month in Tokyo where I learned to sew.

When I came back to Europe I took a short course ‘Fashion design for beginners’ at Central Saint Martins in London. Both experiences were amazing!

In 2019 I started my new sustainable business, that I now run from my atelier in Haarlem. I help women to become happy with their wardrobes again and to re-design some of the clothes that they keep in their wardrobes but don’t use anymore.

Since I started my journey and to let go of things that I no longer need, I have experienced so much freedom and spare time, so that I’ve decided: ‘I want to teach this to others.’

What have I learned so far:

  • I learned that by letting go, I get back a lot of freedom and energy to start new things.
  • I became a lot more creative with things that I already have.
  • -Owning less- makes me feel so much lighter and happier.
  • I enjoy ‘what I do’ every day!

Do you also desire more freedom in your every day life and to let go of things that are pushing you down, in order to become happier and feel lighter every day?

If yes, feel free to check out my courses, you might like them!



I wish you a lovely day,

Josefien van Geloven

eMail: josefien@atelierpina.com