After running my boutique shop PINA for 11 years in the heart of Amsterdam, I decided to close the shop and travel.


I have been around for a year in South East Asia and Australia and I’ve lived for 6 months in Tokio. Then I went to London to follow a short course Fashion design for beginners.

When I came back to Amsterdam I started the follow-up business of my shop.

Things have changed not only in my life but also in the world around me. So I was puzzling, how can I serve my customers in a way that suits today time?

Still my main goal is to help women feel good about themselves and feel beautiful. But I also want my business to be sustainable. Taking responsability for the goods that we already have, by re-inventing them or bringing them back in the world by selling or donating them.

Then I figured, there is so much to find in our wardrobes, not only our true selves but also goods that can serve our society.

Let’s help women to re-invent their wardrobes.

If you are interested in our services you can find more information on our website and please feel free to contact us at any time.

Have a lovely day,

Josefien van Geloven

eMail: josefien@atelierpina.com