Find freedom in your style.

This is my 4 week 1:1 program, designed to cultivate a deep change inside your wardrobe and lifestyle, say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed with clothes that no longer serve you and say hello to the confident new you!

Do you recognize yourself…?

  • After many lockdowns you feel that you are not enjoying your clothing options any more
  • You wish to cleanse out your wardrobe and get a clearer sense of your style
  • You want to make better combinations with your clothes

Keep reading if you….

  • Feel that you have too much in your wardrobe and you have too many different styles
  • You desire more peace in your wardrobe

This is my solution for you…

My 4 week program is especially designed to make you feel more confident in your own style and the choices that you make in your life, avoiding unnecessary purchases that leave you unhappy.

week 1: I help you to get to know your personal style.

Step 1: We will investigate your wardrobe. What do you have inside there? What are your favorites, what is it in there that is not working for you?

Step 2: We will investigate your ‘dream style’ by creating a mood board, or by simply describing it.

By the end of this week we will have a clear vision of what works for you inside of your wardrobe and of what your dream style is.

Week 2: I help you to cleanse out your wardrobe.

Letting go of your personal things and clothes can be really hard to do. I know this from my own experience. I will help you to move forward in this process.

Step 1: Select your favorites per category. In each category you keep pieces that you truly love and use, and pieces that you keep there for other reasons.The goal is to find (back) your favorites and to let go of what is no longer serving you.

Step 2: Taking out what is no longer serving you. This can vary from clothes that are not your right size, not suiting your current style anymore or simply to clothes that you keep in your wardrobe out of fear of letting go.

Step 3: Decide where you want to bring your clothes that are not using anymore. I will help you to make piles and find destinations for them, such as donating, selling and throwing them away.

By the end of this week you will feel a lot lighter. Can you imagine how much space and joy your ‘new’ cleansed out wardrobe will you bring?

Week 3: In this week you will learn how to dress yourself in your own personal style

Often we use just a small part of our wardrobe and we are used to style our clothes in the same way. In this week we will start creating new options with your clothes and to build on your self confidence.

Step 1: Create a capsule wardrobe (with the clothes that you kept) for the part of the season that we are in.

Step 2: Start experimenting with your clothes and practice how to get out there in your new combinations. Watch your own style evolve.

By the end of this week you will feel very confident in your own style. Not only have you picked the right items that work for you, now you will also know better how to use them in a proper way. Can you imagine the confidence that this will bring you?

Week 4: Finding out what you have learned in the 1st 3 weeks and how to implement this into other areas of your life.

Now that you have found out what great impact ‘letting go’ had on your wardrobe, you might want to expand this experience into other areas of your life.

In this last week I will help you find out in what other areas you get stuck or where you desire change in your life. How can start letting go of what no longer serves you and building self confidence here too?

If you can’t wait to get started in this proces of letting go and finding freedom in your style please send me an email and I help you further.