From Closet to Catwalk

This is my design course: in 3 workshops I will help you to transform one piece of your own clothes into your new favorite fashion item!

Isn’t it frustrating to have clothes in your wardrobe that you hardly use but still LOVE? I know exactly how this feels!

Instead of going to the store to buy something new -for that upcoming event or party-, I invite you to design a clothing piece of your own, out of one of your clothes that you still find beautiful but don’t use.

This is how you will get a creative design experience with a unique You piece as a result!

1st. I’ll help you pick the right piece. It is important to choose something that is truly precious to you, because of the material, the colour, the shape or because you kept it for example out of good memories. The item that you choose to change should be something that you love already and want to bring alive again by putting more value to it. I help you to choose the right item.

2nd. Together we will discover why this item is not working for you (anymore). What is not right for you: the length, the shape, is it too tight, is it the colour or the print that you don’t like? I help you to find out what is holding you back from wearing the item that you chose.

3rd. Let’s Make up the (re)-design together. What is your design plan? How do you want to make it? Do you want to transform it into something else? f.e. Can you transform your dress into a new skirt? Or do you just want to change the item? F.e. by cutting of the sleeves, changing the length of your pants. Together we are going to figure out what you want to do.

4th. Then start to change your item! You need to have basic sewing skills (by hand) or on the sewing machine for this! Either you can bring it to the tailor for the alterations that you came up with. We will all discuss this together!

What are the Benefits that you will get from this course:

  • You will figure out more about your own personal style, by looking at yourself through the eyes of a designer
  • By designing your own clothes you spark your creativity and this will bring you so much joy !
  • You will learn why pieces don’t work for you and how you can easily make changes to make them more You again.This keeps you from buying new clothes all the time.
  • You will start using a lot more of the clothes that you have in your wardrobe.
  • You learn to value more your own clothes: why does certain material, shape or colour look good on You?
  • You will discover many new possibilities with your own clothes.
  • When You learn to transform your clothes into your own style, you start creating your own style!

At the end of this workshop you will have created a brand new piece to add to your wardrobe and at the same time you took away something that you were not using anymore!

Can’t you wait to get started?

This course starts again on the 18th of August, + 2 following Thursday’s, from 10.00AM – 12.00PM. You can also follow one single workshop.

If you want you can bring your own sewing machine.

Do you wish to receive more information? Please send an email to: