Wardrobe styling

We re-style your wardrobe and make it a beautiful place with items that you love to wear.

Wardrobe Styling

This is how we work…

After a short intake we’ll start the first clean-up session of your wardrobe. During each 2 hour session we will organise 2 or 3 category’s. Normally we’ll start with the biggest category, f.e. coats and pants.

We should be able to organise your wardrobe within 3 sessions, depending on how much work you can do in between.

In the last session we will finish the proces. We will restyle your wardrobe and we will find new destinations for the clothes you no longer want.


€75 per hour, ex VAT and excl. travel costs *
Total 3 sessions €450 ex VAT, €544,50 incl. VAT

* We will charge travel costs in case you live outside the city centre of Amsterdam.